Do You Keep Your Promises?

Brush With Dead - Ori

Ok, now let me ask that question differently… “Do you keep your promises…TO YOURSELF?” (My guess is that question yielded a very different response for you. I know it did to me.) Most of us are good at keeping the promises we make to others. We have to be. If we don’t, we’ll be labeled […]

Go To Bed Angry


There is no better way for a couple to show their commitment to one another than to go to bed angry. Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? In fact, the most common piece of advice most couples hear during wedding day toasts are, “NEVER go to bed angry…” Well I say “GO TO SLEEP.” Going to bed […]

Here’s Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

You can’t make money blogging because NO ONE has ever made money blogging. Just like NO ONE ever made money “radio-ing”… …or “television-ing”… …or “magazine-ing: Outside of paid subscriptions, media doesn’t “make” money…media captures attention and presents relevant products and services. In other words: MEDIA SELLS STUFF!!! Blogs are media…if you want to make money […]

This Is My First Post…

…and I have no idea what I’m going to say. On one hand I feel like it should be profound (because it’s the first), but on the other hand I know it’ll just get buried…so what’s the point? But at the end of the day, I write for one reason and one reason only… …it’s […]