Here’s Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging

make money blogging


You can’t make money blogging because NO ONE has ever made money blogging.

Just like NO ONE ever made money “radio-ing”…

…or “television-ing”…

…or “magazine-ing:

Outside of paid subscriptions, media doesn’t “make” money…media captures attention and presents relevant products and services.

In other words: MEDIA SELLS STUFF!!!

Blogs are media…if you want to make money blogging you have to SELL SOMETHING!

Here are a few ideas for things you can sell:

  1. Sell advertising (good luck with that…)
  2. Sell your own products or services (a.k.a. be your own best advertiser)
  3. Sell a subscription to a premium level of your blog
  4. Sell someone else’s products or services (affiliates, joint ventures, licensing, etc.)

If you want to see someone who does a good job of selling from their blog without looking like they’re selling, check out my buddy, Neil Patel’s, blog over at:

If you want to see an example of a blog that sells a metric butt-ton of stuff, check out my very own: or

Just don’t take your queue from this blog, because it doesn’t make any money.

Probably because it doesn’t sell anything.


P.S. So what do you think?┬áDo you have a blog that’s making money? If so, how?


  1. says

    Hey Ryan, glad to see you posting.

    Blogs such as John Chow and Pat Flynn have huge audiences who are mainly newbies.

    I guess it’s natural for them to see these huge income checks and think to themselves, hey I should start blogging too!


    a) blogs take an extremely large amount of work behind the scenes.
    b) people want to learn from experts.

    Best strategy is to develop a skill, and then teach others. The blog should be a platform for showcasing you as a person, not to directly make money off of.

    • says

      I agree and I disagree. If you’re doing a personal blog (like this one) then perhaps monetization isn’t the primary goal. If you’re building a media property, however, then why in the heck else would you do it other than to make money? (And for what it’s worth, I would argue that Pat Flynn and John Chow’s blogs are both more like traditional media properties at this stage in the game than personal blogs.)

  2. says

    Ryan. Agree completely with what you’re saying here. But most bloggers out there don’t quite get it. It’s absolutely clear that the blog is the platform for you to develop your brand, get the momentum (and ultimately the required traffic)…. but unless you’re providing a solution that people will pay for (via a product or service) then it’s likely to lead to frustration. Cheers. David

  3. says

    I’m a little late to this conversation but just came across it.

    The biggest mistake I see bloggers making is not making money from day one.

    They say something like, “I don’t want to make money from my blog yet. I’m just going to give away a ton of free stuff and provide so much value for nothing, that when I finally have a huge audience I’ll offer my e-book for sale and they will literally throw money at me faster than I can deposit it because I’ve given them so much great free stuff in the past.”

    That sounds like it’s suppose to work, but absolutely does not.

    Lots of free stuff just makes people want more free stuff – and be weirdly upset when you finally ask them to pay for something.

    Sell something of quality from day 1 and set the tone: My content and hard work is worth paying for.

    • says

      Great insight, Tim, and I totally agree with you. If your ultimate goal is to make money, position your blog accordingly from day one. If it isn’t (as in the case of this blog) that’s perfectly fine…but don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re doing your readers a favor by hiding your intentions in the early days only to try to monetize them at a later date.

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